Everything you need to know to ensure a fitting tribute to your loved one:

The memorial you choose to dedicate to the memory of your loved one is a unique and special choice for you.   It will be your everlasting reminder of the times you shared... and represents your own very personal place of reflection.  A place where memories will flood back to you as you celebrate the life of the person who has gone before you.

Lawn style headstones:
'Lawn style' generally refers to simpler headstones which consist of a headstone and base configuration which are seen most often in modern lawn cemeteries (usually where a concrete beam is found at the head of the grave to allow for a monument to be placed).
Here are some samples of Lawn style headstones.

A headstone is an enduring tribute to a person who has died. It provides tangible evidence of a life lived, and a sense of focus for the bereaved to remember and reflect.

Full grave monuments:
'Full grave' generally refers to a monument which covers the entire surface area of a grave (roughly an area 1100mm wide x 2300mm long depending upon the cemetery regulations), this style is found in many older cemeteries.
Here are some samples of Full grave monuments.

Remember if the monument you wish for is not seen here then we are happy to design a headstone to your exact wishes or if you know of a headstone simlar to the style you wish for, simply take a photo of the headstone and send it us.

Bronze plaques, vases and motifs:
Bronze is a very enduring material preferred for most public statues and plaques. Any size plaque can be produced and hand crafted for your needs.

Ceramic photos and other monument ornamentation:
Our ceramic photos are made in Italy by the highest quality craftsmen, made to last the test of time. They can be produced in colour, black and white or sepia with many styles of bronze frames available to match.

A Range of products can be viewed on our gallery page

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